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(GODz)OBELISK's result

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(GODz)OBELISK's result Empty (GODz)OBELISK's result

Post by yugikid1 on Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:42 am

tester deck :- mist valley
testee deck:-gusto

deck originality :- 10/10(good deck)
deck size   :- 5/10 (normal consitent deck should have 40-42 cards and -1 for every 2 more cards than 42)

deck consistancy :- 7/10 (He had pretty good draws and we're taling about field swarming)
summoning power :- 7/10 (2 marks for every synchro,xyz pendullum or tribute summon.1 mark if he sumoned one monster every turn)

deck combo power :- 18/20 (destruction of his card allow him to summon more)
downside of deck :- 9/10 (not many downsides  Shocked  )
mistakes:- (10/10)(-2 for each mistake)
field control:- (3/5) had good control over the field until turn 2-3.

duel result 3/10 (He lost but it was a close one)(5 for each win)
Total :- 72/100 Good job but still close
0-30 - slifer red
31-70 - ra yellow
71-100 - obelisk blue

congratulations on making it to obelisk blue

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