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Testing rubric

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Testing rubric Empty Testing rubric

Post by bayar16 on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:16 pm

This is just for the time being, it will get changed later.

Deck -

What deck the tester used and what deck the testee used.

Attitude -10/10
State their attitude towards, you the tester, and if there is use of bad language as an insult etc.

Deck Build - 25/25
Competitiveness and consistancy, how well does the deck work together and can it survive for the current format?

15 for competitveness 10 for cosistancy in the deck

Skill - 25/25
Siding Skills, Play style and the control of the duel. State how well they sided if they did, what is their play style and how they have utilized it and explain how much control they had.

10 for control of duel,10 for siding and side deck,5for general skill or nice moves

Misplays and Corrections - 10/10: Explain what errors they made for instance did not read one of their monsters eff. Same as the rulings, explain their misplays and grade them appropriately.

Result of Duel - 30/30:
0/30 for losing 2-0, 10/30 for losing 2-1 , 20/30 for winning 2-1 30/30 for winning 2-0

Total: 100/100

Slifer Red 0-59
Ra Yellow 60-89
Obelisk Blue 90-100
FTK and OTK decks not allowed. Results in Slifer.


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