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Number's Test result

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Number's Test result Empty Number's Test result

Post by bayar16 on Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:03 pm

Note numbers is : 19632.......... why so much lol.
Deck -
Tester: Gogogo XYZ
Testee: Photon i guess.

Attitude -10/10
State their attitude towards, you the tester, and if there is use of bad language as an insult etc.

Deck Build - 0/25
competitveness: 0/15
consistancy: 0/10

the does not work together and it cant win games, try to remake it with help of a good duelist.

15 for competitveness 10 for cosistancy in the deck

Skill - 0/25
control: 0/10
i had control of both games.
siding and side deck: 0/10
no side deck
general skill and nice moves: 0/5

10 for control of duel,10 for siding and side deck,5for general skill or nice moves

Misplays and Corrections - 10/10:

Result of Duel - 0/30:
0/30 for losing 2-0, 10/30 for losing 2-1 , 20/30 for winning 2-1 30/30 for winning 2-0

Total: 20/100

Welcome in SLifer Red

Slifer Red 0-59
Ra Yellow 60-89
Obelisk Blue 90-100


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