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Assain10's test results.

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Assain10's test results. Empty Assain10's test results.

Post by TheDarkish on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:07 pm

Tester: Forest Friends (Raccoon Deck)
Testee: Photon Galaxy

Attitude: 10/10
Fine here.

Deck Build: 15/25
Sadly I didn't get to see him play much of his deck, mostly because of bad hands. But he managed to keep a good steady (40) card main deck, and had a lot of playsets in monsters.
His deck had potential but lacked a few key components, stuff like draw power was needed.
Giving him 15 here because that is what a competitive Photon Galaxy deck looks like.

Skill: 5/25
Didn't side from what I saw, and didn't get to look at his side-deck, he had no control in both duels. I couldn't get a play style out of it, but I'm giving him a 5 here for a nice move.
He activates a dark hole, I activate Starlight road, he activates solemn warning, I activate a Wiretap. I managed to negate his cards, but he would have had a good combo if not for wiretap. If he pulled better hands, this grade would be much higher.

Misplays and Corrections: 10/10
Fine here.

Result of Duel: 0/30
He lost 2-0
I won 0-2

Total: 40/100
Welcome to Slifer Red.
This rubric remains HIGHLY on the result of the duel.
You put up a good fight, but try to maintain deck control.
Card Suggestions: Supply Unit, and maybe some fishing control, you had Trade-in, but wasn't used.
Welcome to YDO Academy and enjoy your stay.

Slifer Red 0-59
Ra Yellow 60-89
Obelisk Blue 90-100

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