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Icynecro's test results.

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Icynecro's test results. Empty Icynecro's test results.

Post by TheDarkish on Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:27 am

Tester: Forest Friends (Raccoon Deck)
Testee: Inzektors

Deck Build: 8/15
The deck wasn't very competitive from my point of view.
He didn't manage to indent much damage to my LP.
Consisting of, 20 Monsters, 10 Spells, and 12 Traps.
I don't think this deck could beat META due to the cards played in this.

Duel Result: 0/15
I won 2.
He lost 2.

Dueling Skill 10/20
10 here for good moves, he couldn't stop anything I had.
Due to the Fabled Unicore.
Also has no side deck.

Attitude to tester: 10/10
Fine here.

Concentration: 10/10
Fine here.

Card Knowledge: 5/10
He would have had a perfect score on this if not for;
Mistaking Unicores effect for a once-per turn effect.
And forgetting my XYZ powerplay eff.

Mistakes: 10/10
He did fine here.

Total: 53/100
Welcome to Ra Yellow.

Enjoy your stay here at YDO Academy.
Improve your deck size, and it's consistency, also remember to ALWAYS read card effects.
Follow these tips, and you'll probably make it Obelisk in no time...

Slifer -- 0-40
Ra -- 41- 70
Obelisk -- 71-100

Rubric used- http://leoduelacademy.roo7.biz/t83-new-testing-rubric#287
See an issue with my test results? Report me  to Yugikid1 for futher questions/issues.

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Icynecro's test results. Empty Re: Icynecro's test results.

Post by yugikid1 on Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:45 am

The 20 monster ,10 spell 12 traps is a good deck scale he should get 8 in deck build.


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