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X_dueler's test result

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X_dueler's test result Empty X_dueler's test result

Post by yugikid1 Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:18 pm

Deck :-Testee :- World of spell(as he calls it)
tester :- Ninja valley artifact

Deck build:-0/25 i dont know how the deck would work,For one he didnt have any good draws,For 2 his deck was a 60 decksize.You should keep ur deck to 40-42.for three none of those card work much together .If u need help with Deck building plz check the slifer class room
Duel result :- 0/15(2-0- 15/15 , 1-2- 5/15, 2-1-10/15 else if its 0-2 0/15 )

Dueling skill:- 0/20 i didnt see a even 1 good move,all he did was 3-5 summons and a lot of set moonsters which i kept on destroying.
in dueling skills this is the mark basic 5 for siding , 10 for good moves , 5 for stoping ur moves

Attitude to tester:-4/10

Card knowledge :- 3/10(did he have trouble with telling wat a card does or chaining ...etc)

Mistakes :- 2/10(-2 for each mistakes,cant go below zero)

field controll:- 0/10

Total = 9/100 --

arcana Joker Brown - 0- 10
Slifer -- 11-40
Ra -- 41- 70
Obelisk -- 71-100
Congrats welcome to :- Arcana joker brown

Only Obelisks can take Shadow test to get graded to shadow darkness dorm.
banned decks :-,OCG,burn,exodia... ect

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